Doing Business With AMG

A-Masonry Group, Inc. (AMG) Specializing in Masonry Restoration is dedicated to committing the highest level of service to build our client’s futures. We have successfully developed an above-standard process for how we work with our clients to help them achieve thier business goals.


Rafael Arias

Rafael Arias began his career in 1987 while working for a reputable masonry restoration firm. Therein he earned his talents as a bricklayer, tuck pointer, estimator, and superintendent.

In 2016 after working in the industry for over 25 years Rafael started A-Masonry Group, Inc. (AMG) self-performing masonry, masonry restoration, parapet wall rebuilding, tuckpointing, brickwork, chimney repairs, lintel replacements caulking façade inspections selective demolition, terra cotta restoration, and is signatory with Laborer local 4, Bricklayers local 21and Tuckpointers local 52.

While serving as a shareholder of AMG he oversees all aspects of every project. He has a reputation as a being trustworthy, talented, representative of hands-on bricklayer with the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, Veteran Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Housing Authority as well as numerous General Contractors.

A-Masonry Group, Inc. (AMG) believe that managing our company in a sustainable way also means taking responsibility for how work on each of our jobsites affects the surrounding communities; it means ensuring that everyone from our staff to our clients has a safe and healthy work environment and that they are treated fairly; it means hiring and retaining the best people and creating opportunities for them to seek challenges and grow. Continuing to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical way, honoring the values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment.


Project Safety


We implement a high-level safety culture within all of our projects backed with proven, effective on-site safety training, collection and storage of all OSHA, insurance certificates and inventory of all MSDS sheets in case of emergencies. Every project implements best practices of job site safety and we reassure all team members and clients to work in partnership on the best practices of job site safety.